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Collective impact is a framework that focuses on bringing all members from different sectors within a community together to drive large scale social change. In order for the framework to be effective, the following conditions must be met.

Common Agenda: Aligns the mission and purpose of partnering organizations

Common Progress Measures: Aligns the level of success across collaborating organizations

Mutually Reinforcing Activities: Each partnership level of expertise is a contributing asset

Communication: A central point that connects collaborating organizations

Backbone Organization: A lead organization that manages collaborations, serves as a neutral convener, coordinator, and strategist for the overall initiative.

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How It Works

Leadership Team provides overall vision and leadership for the effort.
Action Groups lead implementation of highest priority strategies.
Advisory Bodies provide input and participate in key aspects of the overall work.
Partners & Community Members collaborate on strategy implementation and measurement of progress.

The RGV FOCUS Approach

RGV FOCUS uses collective impact to strengthen each step of the educational pipeline. At the core of this work is the Leadership Team, which meets regularly to identify regional assets and needs and to adopt a common vision, goals, strategies and metrics. The Leadership Team is supported by action networks and advisory bodies, such as the Data Support Council, which lead the implementation of the vision and strategy. The RGV FOCUS Backbone staff serves the collective as a neutral convener, thought leader and facilitator.